Friday, October 8, 2010

Better Earth

Look around you. We just don't realize it but POLLUTION is a problem that is mostly created by daily human activities. Pollution harms the Earth's environment and it's inhabitants in many ways. It can either be industrial, commercial, agricultural or even more so, domestic activities. Don't you agree? To some degree, it is too big to even conceive but awareness makes such an important impact to reduce pollution. As an individual or even as a Business, we can buy less and throw away less by reusing and recycling materials (for example: dye materials to put them back to life, reuse old skirts and turn them into pillow cases, etc., etc. etc.) The possibilities are endless if you put your mind and heart to it.

Locally, I've been working with companies that have the same mission. I've been using materials that are organic and recycled. I've been using organic cotton materials for my scarves and shawls, clorine free wool, and recycled polyester for a softer feel. Less trash...more treasures. Please check the my collection at Let me know what you think...

I also love doing voluteer work. My daughter and I volunteered last two weeks ago for the Beach clean-up in Ventura, California. We met very intelligent and interesting people. I am just proud being a part of it. Thanks to my daughter's school for inviting parents over to help.

This is the evolution of GirlyGirlzShoppe. I am currently busy reusing, recylcing and restringing. Just REWARDING!

Hope you enjoy this short blog. I am open for any feedbacks, suggestions or even add your own experience on saving and helping for a BETTER EARTH.

Peace, love and Success to All,